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Suggestion of the day

Organic burrata (250 gr) accompanied by tomato,

Basil and cashew nut pesto

75 reais 


Creamy shrimp croquettes (Belgian recipe) 

38 reais

Tomato Bruschetta with extra virgin olive oil and basil leaves   

28 reais  

Brie Cheese Bruschetta, fresh rosemary, honey and cashews toasted with a blowtorch 

35 reais

Gorgonzola bruschetta with caramelized onion in red wine

33 reais

Fish Tartar with tomato and mango  with sesame oil, lemon and fresh ginger 

45 reais

Fish Ceviche with mango, red onion, hot pepper in Nikkei sauce 

49 reais

Fish fillets with lemon pepper, beetroot chips and tartar sauce

48 reais

Duo of mini white fish burgers on homemade potato bread, green leaves, tomato and basil pesto (contains peanuts) served with root chips 

49 reais

Prawns with Spicy Passion Fruit Caramel

42 reais

Shrimps  in Garlic and Herb Butter  

42 reais

Filet mignon tagliata, balsamic cream, arugula and parmesan shavings 

(filet mignon marinated in red wine and flambéed in brandy, cut very thinly with a knife - rare)

50 reais

Tartar a l'italienne  

(Fresh raw meat cut with a knife, extra virgin olive oil, red onion, basil and capers served with salad and sweet babata chips)

52 reais

10% service not included in the bill 

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