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Tomato Bruschetta with extra virgin olive oil and basil leaves R$23

Brie Cheese Bruschetta, fresh rosemary, honey and cashew nuts toasted with a blowtorch R$32

Gorgonzola bruschetta with caramelized onion in red wine R$30

Curried Tapioca Dadinhos and spicy pineapple jelly (6 units) R$32

Fish Tartar with tomato and mango  with sesame oil, lemon and fresh ginger  R$42

Fish Ceviche with mango, red onion, hot pepper in Nikkei sauce R$44

Fish fillets with lemon pepper, beetroot chips and tartar sauce R$45

Duo of white fish mini burgers on homemade potato bread, green leaves, tomato and basil pesto (contains peanuts) served with root chips R$46

Prawns with Spicy Passion Fruit Caramel  R$36

Shrimps  in Garlic and Herb Butter  R$36

Filet mignon tagliata, balsamic cream, arugula and parmesan shavings R$44

(filet mignon marinated in red wine and flambéed in brandy, cut very thinly with a knife - rare)

Tartar a l'italienne  R$48

(Fresh raw meat cut with a knife, extra virgin olive oil, red onion, basil and capers served with salad and sweet babata chips)




Seared Fish in Sesame Crust, mashed potatoes with wasabi and Mango Chutney  R$72

 (lightly grilled,raw inside)

Linguine with chef's sauce, shrimp and crispy farofa  R$72

Shrimps  Amatriciana with zucchini spaghetti  R$64

​Terra Mar - Filet mignon and prawns, black rice,  alfredo sauce and grilled tomato R$95

Chef's salad  R$52

(lettuce and arugula leaves, tomato, mango, gorgonzola, bacon strips and sunflower seeds)  *for veggie or vegan options, please let us know

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