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Grilled fish with pumpkin cream, black rice and crispy farofa

89 real

Fish sealed in sesame crust, mashed potatoes with wasabi and Mango Chutney

(lightly grilled, raw inside)

79 reais


Linguine with crustacean bisque, shrimp and crispy farofa

85 reais


​Terra Mar - Filet mignon and prawns, black rice, alfredo sauce and grilled tomatoes

115 reais


Filet mignon demi glace with red wine, dauphinois gratin

92 reais


Gourmet's Burger

(homemade bread, filet mignon braised in barbecue sauce and bacon, brie cheese, arugula and caramelized onion in red wine)

62 reais


Vegetarian Risotto (Mixed Mushrooms)

65 reais


Shrimp risotto and creamy lemon pepper sauce

75 reais



Phat Thai

Rice noodles, shrimp, Thai sauce, peanuts and

crispy vegetables sautéed in the wok

85 reais


Massaman Thai Curry

served with crispy vegetables,

jasmine rice, peanuts and filet mignon or shrimp strips

83 reais


Vegan Massaman Thai Curry

served with mushrooms, crunchy vegetables, peanuts and

jasmine rice

72 reais


Linguine with bolognese sauce

42 reais

filet mignon (120 gr) and linguine in butter 

48 real

Marley's Burger

(homemade bread, 180 gr of juicy meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, bacon and onion - barbecue sauce)

49 real



Hot Brownie

Belgian recipe served with cappuccino ice cream and peanut brittle

35 reais

10% service not included in the bill 

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