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Chef's Suggestion 

78(250 g) Orgânic burrata with tomato and basil pesto

79 reais

Creamy shrimp croquettes (belgian recipe

35 reais

Tomato bruschetta with extra virgin olive oil and basil leaves

26 reais

Brie cheese bruschetta, fresh rosemary, honey and roasted cashew nuts

32 reais 

Gorgonzola bruschetta with caramelized onion in red wine

32 reais

Fish tartar with tomato and mango  with sesame oil, lemon and fresh ginger  

42 reais

Fish Ceviche with mango, red onion, pepper with Nikkei sauce  

44 reais

Fish baits with lemon pepper, beetroot chips and tartar sauce

45 reais

White grilled fish mini burger on homemade potato bread, green leaves, tomato and basil pesto (contains peanuts) served with root chips (2 pieces)

46 reais

Shrimps with Spicy Passion Fruit Caramel  

38 reais

Shrimps in Garlic and Herb Butter  

38 reais

Filet Mignon Tagliata (bleu), balsamic cream, arugula and parmesan  

(filet mignon marinated in red wine and flamed in cognac, cut very thinly)

46 reais

Tartar a l'italienne  

48 reais

(Raw fresh meat cut, extra virgin olive oil, red onion, basil and capers served with salad and sweet potato chips)


Chef's Suggestion

Grilled fish with pumpkin cream, black rice and crispy farofa

85 reais

Seared Fish in a Sesame Crust, Wasabi Mashed Potatoes and Mango Chutney

(lightly grilled, raw inside)

75 reais


Linguine with crustacean bisque, shrimp and crispy farofa

78 reais


​Terra Mar - Filet mignon and shrimp, black rice, alfredo sauce and grilled tomato

105 reais


Filet mignon demi glace in red wine, gratinated dauphinois

85 reais


gourmet hamburger

(homemade bread, filet mignon sautéed in barbecue sauce and bacon, brie cheese, arugula and caramelized onion in red wine)

62 reais


Vegetarian Risotto (Mushroom Mix)

62 reais


Shrimp Risotto and Creamy Lemon Pepper Sauce

69 reais

Asian Corner


Phat Thai

Rice noodles, prawns, Thai sauce, peanuts and

crispy wok sautéed vegetables

79 reais


Curry Thai Massaman

served with crunchy legumes,

jasmine rice, peanuts and strips of filet mignon or shrimp

76 reais


Curry Thai Massaman

served with crunchy legumes, peanuts and

jasmine rice

65 reais

Children's Menu

Linguine with sugo or butter sauce

28 reais


additional filet mignon 120 gr

32 reais


Marley's burger

(homemade bread, 180 gr of juicy meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, bacon and onion - barbecue sauce)

42 reais



​Hot brownie - Belgian recipe served with cappuccino ice cream and crunchy peanuts

28 reais





Water R$6

Sparkling water R$6,50

Soda R$7

Espresso Coffee R$8

Orange / lemon / pineapple / mango / passion fruit R$12

Strawberry - R$14

Mix Juice - 2 fruits R$15


Budweiser Long Neck R$15

Heineken Long Neck R$16

Heineken 600 ml R$ 26

Stella Artois Long Neck R$15

Corona R$18

Original 600ml R$18

Budweiser 600ml R$21

Stella Artois 550ml R$19

House beers

Belgian Golden Strong Ale R$40


Free world craft beer R$21



London Mule

(Gin, lemon and orange juice, ginger syrup, sparkling water and ginger foam)  R$39

Pink Ocean

(Gin,red fruit tea and hibiscus, strawberry, tonic)   R$42

Gin Spritz

(Gin, Campari, lemon juice, tonic and orange slices) R$42

Gin Tonic Classic

(Tanqueray and spices) R$42


(Gin, Campari, Vermouth, orange slice) R$39

Basil Smash

(Gin, lemon juice, sugar sirop, basil) R$39


(Gin, lemon juice, sugar sirop, angostura bitter) R$39



Moscow Mule

(Vodka, lemon and orange juice, ginger syrup, sparkling water and ginger foam) R$38


Expresso  Martini Artesanal 

(vodka,handmade coffee and espresso liqueur ) R$ 38


Bloody mary

(Vodka, tomato juice, tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, lemon)  R$39


Strawberry Night

(Vodka Vanilla, Pear Syrup, Strawberry Syrup, Passion Fruit and Orange Juice)  R$42



 ​ (vodka absolute , xarope de cupuaçu , limão, e nibs de cacau) R$39

Caipiroska R$28

Caipiroska Strawberry R$30

Caipiroska Fruit mix - 2 fruits R$30

Caipiroska Absolute R$35


Rio Vermelho

 (Rum, lemon juice, sugar sirop, red wine , ginger foam) R$ 39


Xeque Matte

(Rum,  matte tea  , lemon juice and spark - water ) R$ 32


 (Rum, lime juice , mango, holy grass , cardamomo R$ 39



(Rum, Cocoa Honey, Orange and fresh mint) R$ 39



(Rum, banana cachaça, orange and lemon juice, , ginger foam, cinnamon)  R$38


Mojito  R$32

Rum, lemon, mint and sparkling water 


Caramel Co.

(Rum, caramel, cointreau, pineapple, lime juice e angostura) R$42


Red mint

(Rum, strawberry, lime juice, mint) R$32


Caipirinha R$25

Strawberry Caipirinha R$27

Caipirinha Fruit mix R$28


Honey B

(Bourbon, honey water, Sicilian lemon juice, ginger syrup) R$42


(Bourbon, campari, vermouth) R$42

Old Fashioned

(Bourbon, Sugar sirop, angostura) R$42

Other spirits

Aperol Spritz

(Sparkling wine, Aperol, orange juice)  R$42


(Tequila, Cointreau, lemon juice) R$36



Tequila R$25

Red Label / balantines R$25

Absolute R$ 30

Nacional - Vodka / Gin R$22

Cachaça special R$15

Shot of the house R$15

Banana Cachaça R$16


Hórus- Brut - R$135

Constelación - Brut - R$150



Glass - Red  or White  -- Chile  R$28

Sangria 1l R$120

Clericot 1l R$120



Faro - Chardonnay - Chile R$110

Faro - Sauvignon Blanc - Chile R$110

Otello Premium - Chardonnay - Argentina R$ 159

Pucara - Sauvignon blanc -Chileno- R$ 139


Faro - Cabernet Sauvignon- Chile R$110

Defuk - Merlot - Itália R$120

Cordero con Piel de Lobo - Malbec - Argentina R$145

 Cordero con Piel de Lobo - Tinto de Tintos  - Argentina R$145

Cordero con Piel de Lobo - Cabernet Sauvignon - Argentina R$14

Algarrobo Grande - Cabernet/ Bonarda - R$ 145 

Otello Premium - Blend 2020 - Argentina R$ 160 

Otello Premium - Merlot 2020 - Argentina R$ 160

  Interdito - Syrah- 2019 -Portugués R$ 129

 Pucara Reserva - Syrah 2020 - Chile R$ 175



Arrojo - Rose - Portugal R$145 

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