Classic tomato bruschetta R$ 20

Brie cheese bruschetta, fresh rosemary, honey and cashew nuts R$ 29

Gorgonzola bruschetta with caramelized onion and red wine R$ 26

Curry tapioca dips and spicy pineapple jam R$ 32

Fish Tartar R$ 36

Nikkei Ceviche R$ 44

Fish baits, beet chips and tartar sauce R$ 36

Duo of mini fish burger on homemade potato bread and pesto (contains peanuts) R$ 36

Shrimps with Passionfruit Spicy Caramel R$ 34

Shrimps in Garlic Butter and Herbs R$ 34

Tagliata of filet mignon (bleu point), balsamic cream, arugula and parmesan R$ 38


Fish Sealed in Sesame Crust (grilled very lightly, toasted on the outside and raw inside) with potato puree with wasabi and Mango Chutney R$ 65

Shrimps & Matriciana Sauce with zucchini spaghetti R$ 62

Gorgonzola Risotto with Pesto Rosso R$ 55

Vegetarian Risotto (mix of fresh mushrooms) R$ 49

Shrimp Risotto and Creamy Lemon Pepper Sauce R$ 58

Chef´s Salad R$ 42

 (lettuce and rucula leaves, tomato, mango, gorgonzola, bacon strips and sunflower seeds)  *for veggie or vegan option please advise

Linguine with Shrimp buttered, Garlic and Herbs R$ 42

Terra Mar - Filet mignon and prawns with alfredo sauce, black rice and grilled tomato R$ 79


Filet Mignon Sauté a la Thai and jasmin rice R$ 54


Thai curry served with crispy vegetables and jasmin rice


Choose your Protein:

Meat R$ 55

Shrimp R$ 64

Vegetarian R$ 48


Choose the spicy:

Massaman - little spicy

Red - medium spicy

Panang - very spicy

note: Thai dishes contain peanuts.



Pasta of the day - consult

Marley's Burger (barbecue sauce or mango chutney)

180 gr R$ 38


White Rice R$ 6

Jasmin Rice R$ 12

Italian Bread R$ 5

Green Salad R$ 6

Beet or sweet potato chips R$ 10


Hot Brownie served with ice cream and crunchy peanuts R$ 21


Water R$ 5

Sparkling water R$ 6

Soda R$ 6

Espresso Coffee R$ 5.5

Orange / lemon / pineapple / mango / passion fruit R$ 10

Strawberry - R$ 12

Mix Juice - 2 fruits R$ 14


Budweiser Long Neck R$12

Becks Long Neck R$14

Original 600ml R$16

Budweiser 600ml R$18

Stella Artois 550ml R$18

House beers

Belgian Golden Strong Ale R$ 36

Witbier with a touch of coriander and orange R$ 36


Moscow Mule R$ 35

London Mule R$ 39

Pink Ocean (Gin, hibiscus tea, strawberry, tonica) R$ 39

Gin Spritz (Gin, Campari, lemon juice, tonic and orange slices) R$ 39

Jamaica R$ 35

Negroni R$ 36

Aperol Spritz R$ 39

Bloody Mary R$ 33

Mojito R$ 25

Mojito Strawberry R$ 29

Caipirinha R$ 16

Strawberry Caipirinha R$ 18

Caipirinha Fruit mix R$ 20

Caipiroska R$ 22

Caipiroska Strawberry R$ 24

Caipiroska Fruit mix - 2 fruits R$ 28

Caipiroska Absolute R$ 30

Daiquiri Frozen Strawberry R$ 30

Pina Colada R$ 28

Long Island R$ 40

Margarita R$ 25



Tequila R$ 25

Red Label / balantines R$ 25

Absolute R$ 25

Nacional - Vodka / Gin R$ 18

Cachaça special R$ 12

Shot of the house R$ 15


Terra Nova - Brut R$90

Omnium - Brut R$ 130

Horus - Brut R$130


Cup - Red or White R$ 22

Sangria 1l R$ 95

Clericot 1l R$ 95



Faro- Chardonnay - Chile R$95

Faro - Sauvignon Blanc - Chile R$95

Latitude 33 - Chardonnay - Argentina R$130


Faro - Cabernet Sauvignon - Chile R$95

Defuk - Merlot - Itália R$110

Latitude 33 - Malbec - Argentina R$120

Otello - Merlot - Argentina R$135

Algarrobo - Cabernet Sauvignon/Bonarda - Argentina R$115


Arrojo - Portugal R$135

Faro - Rose - R$95